Mailed It!

So, last week I said I had figured out where I was going to send the larger Theodore Erickson manuscript.  Well, on Wednesday, I followed through.  I did it.  The crowd goes wild!  (Ahhhhhhhhh!  Woo-hoo!)  Send your prayers/thoughts into the universe for me.  You don’t know how much I want this book series to be published.

Not that sending it makes me any less nervous- I swear I am going to worry myself into an early grave.  Just printing it out made my stomach somersault.  Waiting three months is going to be painful.  It is always hard to hand your work off to complete strangers and ask them to judge you.  I have done it a few times and so far it isn’t any easier.  It is slightly less intimidating than letting my dad read my stuff- years of homework critique have psychologically impacted me.  Sorry, can’t help it.  Sending something off to editors is just a tad below that level of stress.

How Did You Celebrate Groundhog’s Day?

You read me right.  I celebrate Groundhog’s Day.  It is the greatest holiday possible to celebrate.  Who doesn’t want to celebrate a burrowing animal who comes out of the ground to tell us whether winter is actually going to end on time or not?  It has about as much point as most of the other holidays and it is more fun- because there is a Bill Murray movie.  Besides, who wouldn’t celebrate when they get to enjoy this cake-tastic masterpiece:


Stop judging, you know you want some 🙂  And today is the Super Bowl which means Stromboli and meatballs and all sorts of deliciousness.  It’s been a good food week.

The Life and Times of Ava Hill

I have begun working on the short story I would like to post at the end of the month.  The first story is going to be about her as a young girl right after her father was executed by the state.  I am excited about it.

The series of stories will be called “The Life and Times of Ava Hill” and each individual story will have it’s own title.  Maybe at some point I can gather them up and put them into a book and sell those too.  It’s a long ways away from that (LONG WAY), but it will be fun to share something with you all, anyway.


Well, I think that’s everything for now. I am reading a really good book- almost done, so I can’t quite talk about it this week as I don’t know how it ends.  I will definitely be reviewing that and telling everyone to read it next week.  Other than that, keep reading and have an awesome week!