Happy Winterfest!


Okay, okay- no yelling. I know, it has been two weeks since Winterfest. Shame on me, but you know- Christmas, my girls and the stuff life is made of interferes with the blog sometimes. However, I found time now, so I am doing it. I couldn’t guarantee a Sunday post, so two weeks later felt appropriate.

Check out my sweet book signing table.  The display in the shadow box is the article that was written about me in the Whitman County Gazette.  I am a scrapbooking nut and had to scrapbook it.  Believe it or not, people actually read it at the table.  Jezebel (the hippo picture) came with me- she looks awesome ANYWHERE, but particularly at a book signing table, if I do say so myself.

So, how did it go?  The short answer is…it went very well.  Lots of people stopped to talk to me, which was great.  I signed and sold five books at the actual event (about five more than I expected to sell).  However, since then I have sold ten more!  Fifteen books!  I had to open my second box (twelve books come in a box).  I am simply blown away.  There is no way I was expecting to sell that many.  Advertising by word of mouth is a thing, guys.

So, now I will give you my annoying pitch: I have nine books left.  I am selling them at $12 a piece, which is pretty close to the presale price on Amazon.  If you live local I will personally deliver the book to you (signed and everything).  If you live outside of the Palouse I will have to mail it to you, so if you could include those extra shipping costs (something like $1 in the United States, for a grand total of $13) that would be great.  Of course, if I mail your book, I will sign it.  If you are interested, message me through the website, or tweet @S_A_Rohrbaugh and we can private message on Twitter.

And…you might be even more interested in purchasing the book now, because it has been nationally reviewed by US Review.  No, my story is not mentioned, but the entire book is talked about in a glowing fashion and I am tickled to death that something I am in has been reviewed by anyone.  So, maybe you don’t want to buy it any more than you did before, but it is pretty cool that it actually got a national review.  You should definitely read it and then buy a book from me 🙂

I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about for now.  I hope everyone has an opportunity to really enjoy this holiday season, whatever your beliefs or if you have any.  I leave you with a picture of me looking incredibly awkward at the end of the night two weeks earlier.  Happy Reading!



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