Things Keep Happening

Greetings!  I know it has been another couple of weeks since my last post, but life is slightly insane right now.

News About “Threads: A NeoVerse Anthology”

The roll-out for “Threads” has been really educational for me.  I have been in regular contact with NeoVerse’s PR people.  My understanding is that the first run of the books sold out on Amazon and the second is doing really well.  They have also developed a Kindle version of the book, which I am told has the full illustration impact of the paper book and is only $3, so if you are interested in purchasing it, but don’t want to spend the full amount for the actual book, that might be an option for you.

As for my part in all of this, supposedly when I receive my own copies of the books I will get fliers to pass out in the area.  So far, I haven’t received them, so we will see what happens.  I e-mailed them the other day about it, I imagine I will get a response soon.  I was interviewed by the Whitman County Gazette for placing in the book, which was unexpected and exciting.  I didn’t get first through third, so I just assumed no one would really care except for me.  That piece ran in the September 21st paper.

Conundrums for the Future

Probably the thing that is most confusing to me about all of this is how to move forward from here.  It is awesome that the short story made it into this book, but now I am at a loss in determining what to do next.  I have written a book using my “short story” as the first chapter, but I can’t for the life of me decide if I should just try and submit it to publishers on my own or try to get an agent.  I think I am going to have to do some more research to figure it out, but the goal is to get the whole book and hopefully an entire series out there.  I have roughly mapped out a five or six book series and have high hopes for it.

Currently, at the library, there is a book with tips and tricks in it waiting for me.  I should really go and get it so I can figure it out.  In the meantime, I am on the lookout for other competitions I might be able to enter to add to my resume, so to speak.  I tend to write fantasy, sci-fi and horror so it is very difficult for me to find competitions that seem worth the time and anxiety.  I suppose the best thing I can do for now is, to steal a phrase from Dori, just keep swimming.  Things will fall into place as they are meant to.

A Word About Fall

On a personal note, I could not be more excited to be essentially bathing in all things apple and pumpkin right now.  Fall is my favorite season and already, even with the craziness in the world and in my life, I feel a little more centered because my favorite season is upon us.  Readers, I hope that you also take some time out from the madness that is literally everywhere in the news, to enjoy the changing leaves and cooler temperatures.

As always, happy reading!  Until next time!


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