The Anthology is Out!


Well, the official release date is on the 15th, but I know several people who pre-ordered who have already received their copy.  I still haven’t seen a physical book, but that warm feeling in the pit of my stomach is taking over, regardless.  Something I wrote is in print somewhere!  I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but to me it is huge.

By the way, look at that cover art!  Many thanks go to NeoVerse for creating such an amazing looking book.  The picture for my story is pretty much on the center back cover (it’s the giant hippo with the fedora on its head).  If you would like to purchase this beautiful collection of stories, you can buy it at Threads: A Neoverse Anthology.

What Comes Next?

Now that it is actually released, I find myself analyzing what the next steps are.  The short story in the anthology is really just the first chapter in the first book in a five or six book series.  I have written that first book in its entirety, I just need to find a way to get that published now.  So, I will be submitting another manuscript.

You may be wondering how that works.  Honestly, I am still working it out.  There are a handful of publishing companies that accept manuscripts from unrepresented authors.  If those companies don’t work out, then I have to consider getting an agent in order to get other companies to look at anything I write.  Of course, self-publishing is always an option, but it is very expensive to do it correctly and you don’t have the advertising backing/experience that most publishing companies give you.

As I try to sell this book/series, I will keep on writing (I really can’t turn off my brain) and hope for the best.  I have always written because it is something that I just NEED to do.  It fulfills me in a way that most things don’t and because of that, any time I spend towards this is always worth it, no matter how things go in the future.

As I write, I will also continue to teach.  The school year has started at the pre-school program that I teach at again.  This year I get to teach the 2 and 3 year-olds, which is a lot of fun.  It’s hard to feel bad when you are surrounded by little ones that are so interested in everything that is going on around them.  Hopefully, class is as much fun for them as it is for me.

One thing is for sure, even as I continue to teach, being published in this anthology is not the last step for me, it is the first step of a journey- one that I hope you all can share with me.  With a lot of luck and some hard work, I think I at least have a shot of getting more published.  As always, happy reading!  I will see you all some Sunday soon!


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