Harder to Breathe

Sorry I missed last week, everybody.  I tried to log onto my website, but they were doing some work on it and I couldn’t and then I forgot in the days after.  There isn’t a ton going on in my life, except, oh yeah- I have bronchitis.

I have never had bronchitis before, but my gosh-darn cough just kept getting worse and last weekend I relented and went to the doctor.  Sure enough, it was bronchitis.  They were worried it had turned into pneumonia too (thank goodness it hadn’t).  So, I have been suffering at home for a little over two weeks now with little to do except cough my lungs out, watch/read the news and read my books.  My poor children are bored out of their minds because every time I walk around for five or ten minutes I have to sit back down again.

My eldest daughter turned 9 yesterday, and I really couldn’t do much with her because of this infernal cough.  I have been told it generally lasts 3 weeks, so here’s hoping it is on the outs.  A. had fun though- she got to go to someone else’s birthday party and eat their cake and ice cream as her party is next weekend.  We also made her a feast of her choice that night for dinner.  Next weekend will be the real party, but we celebrated as best as we could given the state I was in.


The last I heard about the anthology is that they were doing final proofs.  I am not sure what that means exactly.  I think they are getting ready to do the final printing.  I am crossing my fingers that it will be mailed out any day.

I am getting antsy for school to start again, mostly because I have stories swirling in my head again and it is just too hard to write for any consistent amount of time with the girls home from school.  I have a whole list of things I want to do- it is the actual doing them that is the problem.

The Election and Other Things

So, I have watched/read WAY too much news these past couple of weeks.  I have landed on the candidate of my “choice”- really just a vote against the other candidate.  The last couple of elections I have been really lucky to actually want to vote for a candidate, so this one is a major bummer.

Even the Olympics can’t bring me out of the funk of such terrible election choices, something I normally LOVE to watch.  This year, the Olympics feel tainted.   I am more worried about the athletes’ safety (from both disease and violence) than who wins the medals.  I didn’t even watch the opening ceremony this year.  Go USA, I guess.

Still, the Olympics have given me a new reading challenge- to try to read books by authors from the different countries that participate, or at least medal in the games.  I figure that will expand my world perspective a bit, something I always try to do in one way or another.  So, there’s that.

On that note, happy reading!  Have an awesome week!


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