Celebrating Independence

So, I have missed yet another Sunday blog post, but this time I have a pretty good reason- I went to a Mariner’s game.  Even better, we won and Seth Smith hit his first Grand Slam.  Even better than that, Mike Zunino is back on the team (even if I didn’t get to watch him play).  Zunino is my favorite player with Ketel Marte coming in as a close second.  It was a lot of fun.

Of course, yesterday was Independence Day, so it was another day filled with family oriented activities.  I am back with the extended family.  My daughters went crazy with poppers and sparklers.  My dad, brother and husband had firework tank wars.  It was good times, even if I don’t understand the need to blow things up myself, it is fun to watch from a distance.  I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday and didn’t do themselves injury, light anything on fire or destroy public property in the process.

World Events and Independence

It feels like the world is in the process of losing its collective mind right now.  It doesn’t seem to matter where you live.  Stuff is hitting the fan and it is pretty epic and disturbing.  Even with American politics being what they are, I am feeling fairly lucky to live in the United States right now.  Although, ask me how I feel about that in four or five months and I may not say the same thing.

The United States, no matter how divided our people are to the extremes right now, is a relatively stable place to live.  It seems to be a pattern- people picking up and leaving in areas where things are unstable only to be crowded into or turned away from the more stable places.  I can only imagine that trend with intensify over the years as Mother Nature and human politics destabilize things more.

I cannot believe the new power of small groups and individuals right now.  One person has the power to ruin hundreds of lives with a car and a bomb or angry words spoken over the internet.  It is insane.

The “otherization” I talked about after the Orlando Shooting seems to be intensifying, to our detriment.  Big changes are going to have to be made to fix that, but how do you do that when compromise is nearly impossible?  Humane practices and the encouragement of business and profit will have to live side-by-side (at least in America) and right now, those things live on two different sides of the spectrum.

All these things are happening while the country celebrates its independence in a world where you can never really be independent.  Our economy depends on how the rest of the world is doing as much as it relies upon itself.  I often wonder if our idea of independence has become an illusion.  Anyway, there isn’t much I can do about any of it.  I just keep on watching as the world turns and hope that we can find a way to work together to make things better- because we are going to have to.

Neoverse December 2015 Anthology Update

I have not heard much about when my little story is going to be published, but it sounds like Neoglyphics Entertainment Inc. wants to release it to coincide with the announcement of the new contest.  When I know something I will update you further, but for now we are all just patiently waiting.

That’s all for now, folks.  Happy reading!



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