Walking Natural Disaster

Have you ever had one of those weeks/months/lifetimes where you wonder what happened to your coordination?  Or your sense of space around you?  That was me this week.

My Danger-Filled Adventures in “Wonderland”

Last week, while working on our vegetable garden that will at some point (hopefully) resemble Wonderland, I was pulling weeds and I managed to somersault and hit my head on the corner of a shovel.  My husband says I was knocked out for nearly five minutes.  I probably should have gone to the doctor then- I didn’t.  I figured I had a concussion so I just made sure I got woken up every so often in the middle of the night for a bit- had those before, no doctor required.

Well, by about mid-week my body had completely spazzed out on me.  That did take me to the chiropractor because when you can’t walk without pain, something needs to be done.  He figures I probably did some damage to my digestive system, so I guess I will be having that looked at soon.  Right now every time I eat anything even remotely difficult to digest it comes back up- not pretty.

You would think that is enough, but the coordination fairy really wanted to laugh at me, so this weekend, in the same garden we’ve been working on I managed to slice my leg open.  I did manage to not drop into the back yard.  Thank goodness for small favors.  I am healthy (ish), but I have come to the conclusion that I am and always will be a walking natural disaster.

Futile Efforts?

This bring up a good question, to my mind: Why am I even trying to garden in the first place?  I have never been an outdoorsy person, unless you count enjoying reading outside, which I don’t think counts, although that would be awesome.

I started the garden to show my girls that food comes from somewhere besides the grocery store.  My intentions were pure, but my garden is now actively trying to kill me.  I will stick it out, of course, but I had to share my week’s worth of trials and tribulations because I am feeling pretty sorry for myself.

However, I will add that my vegetables are planted and hopefully will start growing.  It has been uncomfortably hot in Eastern Washington these past few days and summer only promises to be hotter.

Neoverse Anthology Update

The last I heard from the editor was that they were doing a trial run for the book to see if the illustrations came out well.  My thought is that it will be out soon.  When I know, you guys will.

As always, happy reading!  See you next week!


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