Good-Bye May

Is anyone else stunned by how quickly the month of May has gone by this year?  I feel like I blinked and now it is over.  You know what that means: school is almost out and my house is going to be a permanent madhouse for the next three months.  Do I feel ready for this?  No possible way.  However, it is going to happen anyway, so I guess I had better get used to the idea.

Writing Has Happened 

I did manage to finish the second draft to a story that I am writing, so that was cool.  I now have my friend reading it for plot holes and silly mistakes.  With any luck, that will be ready for strangers to read by mid-June or so, always a panic-inducing prospect.  Revision is hard, probably the hardest part of the process for me, but sending a piece off is always sleep-stealing.

As an author, I have no control over how anyone perceives what I write- and that’s the bit that gets you published.  A stranger sits in a room and says, “This is well-written, this is marketable.  I think I will publish this.”  Usually many strangers have to agree with this one person’s opinion.  In one word, this is TERRIFYING…but I keep doing it because dreams are worth more than fear.  Maybe the fear makes it more satisfying in the end.

Short Stories

The short story I posted last week got the most views ever on the website, so I am considering doing more of those in the future.  Short stories are the medium that I find the most difficult because so many story ideas snowball in my mind into something much longer.  I can make just about anything a book if I want to.  If you all want me to write more though, I might be able to churn out one a month.  I don’t know, if you read this, let me know what you think.  Otherwise, I will just post them as the fancy strikes me.

Those Mariners, Though…

I have been trying not to talk about the Mariners too much, but I am losing my mind just about every game now.  There is no way I would have predicted that we have one of the best records in baseball at this point.  This is causing a dangerous thing to happen: hope.  The hope that we will make it to the Playoffs.  I have never been more disappointed with losses than when we lose because I now have high expectations for the team.  I have always enjoyed watching the Mariners, but there were no assumptions of winning to contend with.

If we bring Mike Zunino back on the team then this team might just be perfect.  Sorry,not a Clevenger fan- he seems like a nice enough guy, but I really want Zunino back.  As the lame AM/PM commercial that always plays during games says- the heart wants what the heart wants.  Does anyone else find that preservative-ridden Frankenstein to be creepier than most horror movies they’ve ever seen?  It can’t just be me.

June Approaches and I Must Garden

It seems like the anthology is coming along nicely now.  Based on e-mails received, they are in finalization processes.  It should be out by the beginning of June like Amazon said from what I have heard.  I can tell you one thing, I am really looking forward to receiving my copy in the mail.

I think that’s about everything for this week.  Now to go outside an plant the vegetable garden while the weather is not too hot and I have a three day weekend.  Have a great week and happy reading!



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