In the Zone, Sports to Watch and Seeds to Plant


There is nothing like virtually un-killable plants inside of a cool looking book to make you feel a little more like an author. I murder every plant I touch if there isn’t a sprinkler attached to them, so I am hoping to keep these ones alive. I got it at a craft fair a few weeks ago and it still makes me happy every time I look at it.  It sits on my desk behind my awesome Ratatouille quote.

My creative juices are flowing right now.  I can’t seem to make my fingers move enough to get the ideas out of my head.  It makes me a little crazy when I have to do something that doesn’t involve writing, but it is a good place to be.  I am in the zone.

You know who doesn’t seem to be in the zone right now?  Every sports team I follow. Right now, it is baseball that is frustrating me in particular.

Why, Mariners? Why?

The Mariners are real touch and go lately (Hey stop that!  I see you sarcastically rolling your eyes and saying, Duh!” and, “Lately?” to your screen).  The problem is that I grew really emotionally attached to 80% of the Mariners last year. Then they carved them up and I still haven’t quite forgiven the management/owner.

I am still recovering from the fact that we traded Logan Morrison and Brad Miller. Now we have Adam Lind for first base, and I just don’t know how to feel about it.  I have yet to see evidence that Lind is better than Morrison. At least Ketel Marte seems like a decent shortstop (I liked Miller more for what he did at the plate). Actually, overall, I am pretty happy with Marte as I think he has a ton of potential. I suppose time will tell how things shake out this year.

Although, if we ever trade Mike Zunino (my favorite player after a long time of not being able to form a real attachment to any of our players) I might quit the Mariners to follow whatever team he ends up going to. Parenting rule #1: don’t make threats you can’t carry through. No, I won’t quit the Mariners- I don’t think I could- but for the first time ever I would follow whatever team he went to as well as the Mariners.

It’s early in the season yet, but so far it feels like we are no better than we were last year, and I liked our team from last year.  Statistically speaking, we are in about the same place- by April 24, 2015 we were 7 to 9; before the game today we were 8 to 9.  We have played one more game (two by the end of today) this year in the same span of time.  I am not sure if that makes me feel better or worse. Sports rant over.

Back to Gardening

I look at my book planter and smile. That reminds me, I have an Alice in Wonderland themed garden to get working on. Last year, we turned the back side yard of our house into an area for raised garden beds and grew actual vegetables.  The sprinkler system we had installed meant that I didn’t kill them!  I promised my girls that it would be Alice in Wonderland themed, so I guess I had better get cracking.

Until next week everyone!  Happy reading!


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