I Think I Can…


When I first decided to make getting published a real goal and not just a nameless dream in the back of my mind, I found this at a Hallmark store and have looked at it every time I felt my fear might get the best of me.  I keep it right on my desk where I can see it all the time.

Remi the Mouse from Ratatouille and the Casey Jr. Circus Train in Dumbo had it right, your mindset is half of the game- whatever your particular game happens to be.  If you think you can and don’t let your fear stop you then at some point it will happen if you give it enough time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what might have happened if I had listened to that little voice in my head that told me that every word I have ever written is garbage.  All my life I have been told that I write anything from decent to awesome.  Never have I believed any of it, not really, but I like to write and I have entire worlds in my head that I need to get out somehow.  It seems that way, for me, is writing.

At some point the need to write became more important than my own doubts.  Sending words that you have written off to strangers was enough to give me three sleepless nights in a row.  In the end, what is the worst they can do?  Tell me, “No.”

That is literally the worst possible thing they can do, and it hurts.  However, if you take the experience as a part of your journey and you can move past it.  I am glad I was able to move past my rejection for one story (which I still haven’t given up on, by the way, I’ve merely moved it to the back burner), because that meant that I was able to send off another and now it feels like I have taken my first leap into a whole new world- a world with editors and due dates.

It is a world that I am finding more and more that I really do love and I have never been more grateful for the opportunity to explore it.






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