Here We Go!

This is the post excerpt.


Hello!  I have a website!  I can’t say I imagined writing those words before about two weeks ago.  That said, I am excited to share my journey from aspiring writer to published author with you.  I hope to share my tribulations and triumphs as I take each step forward on this path I have set for myself.


I realize you know nothing about me, so here are a few of my…

Favorite Things

Color: Candy Apple Red
– This was the color of my mom’s van growing up and it has been my favorite color ever since. What does that say about me? I am not sure.

Animal: Elephants!
– If there is a cooler animal than elephants I cannot think of what it might be. They are so intelligent and gentle, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t like them.  Besides, you know- Dumbo.

Ancient Civilization: Egypt
– Bet you didn’t see this category coming! But seriously, I have been a major Ancient Egypt fan-girl since about third grade when I got a magazine that talked about the Pyramids at Giza. I almost cried when the artifacts of King Tut’s Tomb were on display and I got to see them. No joke. Needless to say, visiting Egypt is on my bucket list.

Singer: Josh Groban
– One day when I was sitting in my U.S. History class, two girls came in and asked me if I liked good music. They let me listen to this man’s debut album and suddenly ‘N Sync was a thing of the past. (I know I was one of THOSE girls).

Song: “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd
– My dad introduced me to Roger Waters in concert when I was in high school and I think my teenage mind might have melted a little bit. This song is great because it explains the apathy of adulthood in an amazing way. Basically, this is the song that made me decide that I would write no matter what life threw at me.

Well, that feels like a good start, anyway. I am not entirely sure how often I will be updating- I will try to make it on at least once a week until things really start happening, then it may be more often.

Until the next time, adieu!

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